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·Lean Production is a researcher of the MIT International Automotive Group John Kiafoik gave the name to the Japanese automobile industry's production methods.

·The lean way originated from Japan’s Toyota Motor Corporation. In the 1970’s, Toyota’s Mr. Ohno Naiichi’s After applying lean production methods to improve Toyota’s lead time and product quality to the world’s leading position, Benefit production is completely accurate description.

·The basic idea of the lean production method can be justified in a timely manner using JIT (Just In Time), translated in Chinese as "only When needed, according to the quantity required, the products required for production are also referred to as "JIT production methods." "Time-based production method", "appropriate production method" or "kanban production method".

·Compared to conventional mass production, lean production requires half of the staff, half of the production site, and half of the investment. Capital, half the production cycle time, half the product development time and much less inventory, can produce more quality High, more varieties of products.

Introduction of CompAir's introduction of lean production

Changzhou CompAir Auto Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. signed a three-year lean production project reform with Hefei Matsumoto Lean Production Management Consultant Co., Ltd. in May 2014. At the end of May 2014, Hefei Matsumoto's lean production management team entered our company. After a two-month preliminary investigation, a three-year lean production project module and a large schedule were identified: (Phase 1 lean import: factory planning, lean production one stream, lean field management, lean quality management, TPM Equipment Maintenance Management Phase II Lean Import: PMC Production Plan Material Control, Visualized Management, Pull Production Phase III Lean Import: Establishment of Company's Business Plan and Improvement System, Establishment of New Product Development System, KPI Indicator Data management).

40% increase in site utilization

LT production cycle in machining shop shortened from 7 days to 3 days

Logistics handling reduced by 800 meters/day

On-site work-in-process reduction by 40%

Finished product inventory decreased by 69%


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